Database of Android Stock ROM and Tools


Following is the list of Qumo Mobile devices for which we have shared the original Stock Firmware (OS). You can use the Stock Firmware to re-install the OS (operating system) on the respective mobile device.

Qumo Apollo

Qumo Altair 7002

Qumo Altair 7001

Qumo Altair 701

Qumo Altair 706

Qumo Altair 705i

Qumo Altair 71

Qumo Altair 702

Qumo Altair 7004

Qumo Vega 8002

Qumo Vega 8008W

Qumo Vega 803i

Qumo Vega

Qumo Quest 503

Qumo Quest Defender

Qumo Quest 601

Qumo Quest 507

Qumo Quest 474

Qumo Quest 458

Qumo Vega 783

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